Hand in the Attic

by Hand in the Attic

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Visit our website! www.handintheattic.com
The World of Math video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LGCgSq-BO8
Album teaser video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-XuoKD6IH4

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released July 2, 2013

Recorded at Flying Hat Studio

HITA is:
Alex Fox - guitar, vocals
Jenaleigh Flones - bass, vocals
Charlee Pilgrim - percussion
Owen Fox - accordion, bells, vocals
Sharon Li - horn
Jonny Bartlett - Guitar
Zach Eddy - banjo, mandolin

Album Credits:
All songs written by Alex Fox except "Whiskey Water" by Brent Stecker.

Alex Fox - Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Glockenspiel
Brent Stecker - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ryan Dockins - Drums, Trumpet
Zach Eddy - Banjo, Mandolin
Jenaleigh Flones - Vocals
Elizabeth Talbot - Viola
Tanielle Battermann - Cello
Caleb Eddy - Bass

Greg Shapovolov - Engineering, Mixing, Mastering




Hand in the Attic Seattle, Washington

Hand in the Attic is a Seattle-based independent folk-rock group that released its self-titled album in July 2013.

HITA's sound hints at influences including M. Ward, Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Midlake, yet it has been molded into something entirely unique.

"The band’s strength lies in its ability to change shape from song to song without abandoning its sound." — Seattle Weekly
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Track Name: Dead Red Moon
Dead red moon
Rose too soon
Broken sky
Murder wire
Broken tune
Aphid June
Crippled horse
Bourbon porch
Stars in the wild
Slowing our lives
Dead red field
Empty road
Bedding gone
Timber's warm
Down on the floor
Familiar floor
Track Name: Walking in Circles
Despite all the demons, there are too many reasons to stay.
I'm going out walking, searching for something to say.
I'm walking in circles, I'm bleeding, I'm broke, and I'm crazed.
I've taken December, I've wrecked it, sewn it away.

I've taken December, I've wrecked it, sewn it away.
I drowned it, I sung it, I buried it under your grave.
All these mementos, promises we'd thrown away.
I dug up your body, I sang to your bones, it's ok.

I dug up your body, I sang to your bones, it's ok.
You meant that you loved me, I felt it, I feel it today.
They fell all to pieces - some notions, the spoils of defeat.
We'd conquer our sorrows in motion, falling to sleep.

I've lost all my feeling, I've blown all the fuses I'd saved.
Despite all the reasons, there are too many demons to stay.
Track Name: Ghost in a Half-Filled Boat in the Bay
I told you I'm floating
I'm only a man
I'm rowing this craft

I'm rowing and glowing
I can't feel my hands
The waves are by the brim

Fairhaven, Larrabee, and
Opal expanse
Bury my hands
The ending is black
Track Name: Tree Song
You're a tree
Trees don't bleed
Just be strong
Grow more rings

Everything moves in dreams
Can you please stitch your clothes to mine
To me

You're leaving
This morning
Take your heart
Leave your boots

Everything is so fine
You're a tree, trees don't die
You're leaving today
You're leaving everything
Track Name: Whiskey Water
Why don't you take that whiskey, pour it in the water
Why don't you take that bottle, throw it on the ground
I don't wanna hear about none of your dancin'
So if you tomcat around, well don't make a sound

Why don't you take that fishbone toss it in the river
Won't you grab that stovepipe, smash it in your hands
The last time I went creeping 'round the alley
I heard a sound unlike any human man

When the tomcat's out, watch for your daughters
When the ragtime's on, all bets are off
Because dancin' always leads to knockin'
And with knockin', word gets around
Track Name: The World of Mathematicians
All the things you do to me
It all adds up like math
But in the end I'm left again
Absent of the craft

In a world of mathematicians, I'm a lone musician
Picking and singing the mess
But I'm awake, I watch the parade
And everything left in the path

Add it up, and I add it up-
It never quite adds right up
Sing the blues, and watch the news
The numbers and figures and death

It's a worldwide revolution with no more confusion
And everyone's taken the test
But I'm afraid I won't be awake
I'm slipping to places unmatched

It's a world of mathematicians and I'm a lone musician
Picking and strumming the mess
But I'm afraid I won't be awake
I'm slipping to places unmatched
Track Name: Everything Will Breathe Pt. 1
Waking up to go down to the emancipated stream
Past the garden, suffocating, trying not to speak.
I'm around, I see your face. Don't let down on me.
I'm alive, I feel your fire. Don't leave up to me.

Falling into healthy choices that don't take time to make.
Hearing freight trains, whisper no more wrecking balls, please.
Everything will die in sorrow, all these little things
Everyone is going somewhere, stopping in the street.

Last night I felt something.
I don't believe in nothing.
Everything will breathe in some way, some day.
Track Name: Everything Will Breathe Pt. 2
If I lose my job, I'm going to the coast and to the station
If I lose you, I'll be waiting with some bread and stationery
Everything will run together, lying on the ocean
Anyone would be in love with all your faults, you have your reasons
Onward south, by all the horses
We can feel our luck descending
On these houses and their horses
I'm not dying, hills on fire

Cross the marker, sing and speak in broken Spanish, back together
Footprints by our hearts, we're trampled
I can feel you on my shoulder
All these people justifying all their problems, all their voices
Spend the night in broken tent, and silence spoken, now together
Everything will breathe